My name is Rhiannon and I've been peering through a glass lens for many years. I am a true artist having mastered the mediums: painting, drawing, design and writing. I see the world different than most, through enchanted colored glasses. I am enamored with all things whimsical, ethereal, haunting & magical. The unique and elegant images I create are  influenced by my time spent overseas, especially Paris, and of course my love of Alice in Wonderland. 

My greatest joy in this life and deepest sense of purpose has stemmed from creating artistic beautiful photos of my clients. You. 
They are your symphonies. 
Your visual poetry. 
Your story, your path, your existence captured. 
My pleasure is helping people feel beautiful and special and cared for and unique.
Celebrating you, your inner and outer beauty. Your love for your baby growing inside of you, your celebration of your body, your face your soul, your love. 
I feel blessed every waking moment to be a part of something you will cherish for your lifetime. 
It’s never lost on me. 
I thank the universe every night for any gifts I’ve been given to be able to give back to you. 
Thank you so very much for allowing me to create.